Whatever you expect on a vacation, our rivers offer you! Relaxing, fun, adrenaline, being with your loved ones, thrilling or maybe experiencing the new adventures? Our rivers offer you all of them at the same time. May it be lazy for the ones seeking relaxation and crazy for the adventure lovers. We combine traditional rivers with our unique technologies for increasing the level of fun!

Advantages of Our Rivers

  • Special pumps are most suitable specific speed to reach most effective flow speed of the river. So they have 70% less energy consumption according to centrifugal type pumps.
  • Special pumping system needs less installation area than other alternative systems. So transportation cost can be minimized.
  • Fast installation and commissioning with packet system.
  • Adjustable flow speed with inverter technology.
  • Concrete works have less cost than other alternative systems.
  • Worldwide technical services for used equipment.
  • Ease of operation and maintains with the simple system
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