Strategic Alliance

WOW Company and Polin Waterparks have announced a strategic alliance to deliver even greater value to their clients. Polin Waterparks is the exclusive distributor of the original WOW Wave Ball for Maghreb, Balkans, Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic countries.

The Wave Ball®, The Intelligent Wave Generator

Despite its simple appearance, the Wave Ball is a high technology product. Several sensors combined with software/hardware efficiently allow the Wave Ball to produce and increase the waves with a full control of the frequency, the amplitude and the model of waves. The Wave Ball® is the application result of three working physical principles: the Archimedes' principle that allows the Wave Ball floating on the pool. The action-reaction principle: a movable load moves upwards inside the shell. As the Wave Ball is placed in water, the shell moves up and down. And finally, the principle of resonance: the energy given to the pool is kept in the pool thanks the freeboards. At each time that the Wave Ball transmits its energy to the pool, the waves are becoming bigger.

WOW Company Rides The Crest of The Wave

WOW Company is specialized in low consumption, safe and reliable wave generators and has developed over 300 projects in 47 countries since 1991. WOW Company is the inventor and sole manufacturer of the well known Wave Ball. WOW Company is a business unit of WOW group which counts with highly skilled engineers who develop state of the art automated machines in many sectors.

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Technical Specifications


Wave Height 40 cm
Model Area(m2)
W105FL 60
W105F 100
W130FL 170
W130F 250
W150FL 300
W150F 400
W165FL 520
W165F 600
W180F 800
Wave Height 60 cm
Model Area(m2)
W105FL 45
W105F 80
W130FL 130
W130F 200
W150FL 230
W150F 300
W165FL 400
W165F 450
W180F 600
Wave Height 80 cm
Model Area(m2)
W105FL 30
W105F 50
W130FL 80
W130F 120
W150FL 150
W150F 200
W165FL 250
W165F 300
W180F 400




Waveball Model W105FL W105F W130FL W130F W150FL W150F W165FL W165F W180F
Weight(kg) 180 210 330 420 500 580 780 180 1080
Diameter(cm) 105 105 130 130 150 150 168 165 180
Maximum Power(kW) 0.5 0.7 0.9 1.5 1.7 1.9 2.5 3.0 4.5
Minimum depth at the location
of the ball (cm)*
110 140 125 150 140 160 150 170 180

* The minimal depth has to be respected 3 meters around the anchor point.

  • For an optimum use and based on the depth of the swimming pool at the location of the Wave Ball, our team will choose one of the nine available models F and FL.
  • The height of the wave is measured from crest to trough.
  • 80 cm is not a limit, waves over 1m can be reached.



Ride It for Awesome Rodeo Sessions

From the W150FL intermediary Wave Ball model, a saddle can be mounted on the shell. The saddle allows the swimmers to ride the Wave Ball with a special “rodeo” wave mode and the wave generator becomes a unique experience and the most attractive play of your project…Ride the waves!

For Any Kind of Shapes of Pools

Rectangular, circular, free shape, shell shape, snail shape. The Wave Ball® can be implemented in almost every kind of shape of pools and WOW Company can also create new customized and exclusive shapes like the bean wave pool or the guitar wave pool.


The Wave Ball® can also be a significant communication asset for your project. You can choose one of the standard colors or to personalize with any kind of RAL colors available. Moreover, you can add your logo, your website, a specific logo of the brand of a partner on the shell. Vectorial files of the drawing/logo have to be supplied for that. Thanks to our last innovation, you can personalize completely the Wave Ball with characters or with a special design like the Shark Ball on your right.

The Wave Ball®: A Powerful and Proven System

The Wave Ball® is a floating sphere on the water, which generates safe and controlled artificial waves allowing a very playful swimming. It animates leisure pools in amusement parks, public swimming pools, recreational centers, wellness centers, campsites, but also marine tanks and rescue and survival training centers.

The Wave Ball®: A Must for Your Pool

From small ripples to powerful waves, the Wave Ball transforms the calm water into a rough sea or a raging ocean in just a few minutes! The Wave Ball® can also be customized to correspond perfectly to your project and brand image. This is a wonderful waves generator that brings pleasure for young and old. The Wave Ball® is a fantastic element to increase the popularity and hence the public of equipped pools by up to 30%. It is ideal for water parks, hotels, resorts, camping pools, wellness, public pools, aquariums, animal parks and even rescue and survival training centers. The Wave Ball® has been installed in over 300 projects in 47 countries around the world.

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